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RSA Security Healthcare Solutions
The Impact of Digital Transformation in a Healthcare Crisis

RSA Security Healthcare Products

Digital technology today is playing a vital role at a critical juncture in healthcare. The sector is seeing digital capabilities come to the forefront to provide the means to deliver patient services in a time of incredibly high demand, manage an increasingly burdened workforce and keep abreast of rapidly changing information and data. As healthcare organizations experience the benefits of digital transformation in these areas at this challenging time, they must also be prepared to manage the risks transformation can bring.

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RSA Security Healthcare Solutions

RSA Security Healthcare

Meeting the High Demand for Care - Securely

By enabling providers to consult with patients remotely, telemedicine addresses the high demand for services in the midst of a crisis and, at the same time, limits personal contact to help manage health risks. Telemedicine also makes it possible to scale the healthcare community's response to the crisis, allowing first-line providers to direct patients with severe symptoms to emergency facilities, for example, while keeping those with mild symptoms under care at home.

Managing Workforce Resources

When patients and providers can connect remotely, it's faster and easier for healthcare organizations to respond to rapidly shifting workloads and workforce circumstances. A medical practice or inpatient system with multiple locations can use telemedicine to "move" clinicians from an area that's experiencing low demand to one that's overwhelmed, and then pivot when the level of demand changes again. Help manage your remote healthcare workforce with SecurID Access.

RSA Security Secure Network

RSA Security  Telehealth

Addressing the Associated Digital Risks

Any capability that relies on digital channels of communication creates some exposure to cyber attack, and that risk is heightened in healthcare, where having healthcare systems shut down as the result of an attack would be disastrous. By implementing measures to help limit the risk, healthcare organizations can make the most of digital transformation, even in the most challenging of circumstances. Keep your information secure with RSA Auth Manager.

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